Bamalama Gallery was created by Bamalama owner John Brett to highlight various events that are hosted at the shop. Over the years Bamalama has hosted various book launches including `Cult Rock Posters` by Roger Crimlis and Alwyn W.Turner, and `Anarchy in the Year Zero` by Clinton Heylin. The last couple of years has also included exhibits by well known photographers Peter Gravel and Herbie Yamaguchi, both of which captured stunning images from the punk scene and beyond. the gallery recently showed the amazing work of renowned photographer Sheila Rock along side our permanent wall of Mick Rock, the great glam aficionado.


Bamalama is known for the exceptional quality of its work and has collaborated with various art institutions across the world (including the V&A ,TATE Liverpool & The Mucha Foundation) with loans from John’s personal archive & the commissioning of limited edition archival prints to the institutions’ shops. There has been many contributions to magazine articles as well as involvement in curating past exhibitions of rare poster art and artifacts.


Visitors to the Bamalama Gallery will be greeted with an ever changing, and mind expanding, selection of vintage posters to buy as the celebration continues. Due to the rare or limited nature of certain items once an item has been sold it will not be repeated.

Best of all you will get a chance to come in and chat to John himself about the subjects that he knows and loves so well – music related exhibitions.


Bamalama Takes a Trip

A Celebration of 60's Graphic Design

21 October - 21 December 2019

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